6 Cell Phones Pros and Cons


It is impossible to imagine a world without cell phones. Even those who had been satiated with the connectivity offered by an erstwhile wired world cannot do without cell phones today. While there are many advantages of cell phones, there are a few disadvantages as well. At a time when we are completely depended on our mobiles or smart phones, it is relevant to be aware of some of the cell phones pros and cons.

Cell Phones Pros

1. Cell phones aren’t just about calls or sending and receiving texts.
It has become a gateway to the galactic network. Having access to the internet and a plethora of other features, including hardware and software, has made our lives simpler, easier and more productive. Cell phones aren’t just a tool of communication any more. From obtaining information to working on presentations, one can attend to various professional commitments with a cell phone.

2. Cell phones have integrated tracking systems.
Parents can track their kids’ whereabouts. Law enforcement agencies can use cell phones to track criminals or the accused. People can find exact locations and routes without any hassle and the whole world has become a well mapped place.

3. Cell phones have a plethora of tools that can be very handy.
Smart phones can facilitate learning, be helpful during emergencies and the horde of entertainment options makes recreation affordable.

Cell Phones Cons

1. Cell phones of the day are quite expensive.
There were a good ten years and more when cell phones had become very affordable. Ever since the old school mobile phones made way for smart phones, costs have skyrocketed. With costs of data and other value added services, using cell phones has become more expensive. Not just kids, even working adults are feeling the pinch in their wallets.

2. Cell phones can be misused in myriad ways.
Financial theft, identity theft or just plain mobile theft has become more common. Cell phones are used by people of all walks of life to find easy resolutions which can hinder learning. Students use cell phones to cheat during exams. Cyber bullying is on the rise and kids are getting exposed to myriad kinds of offensive and unpleasant content.

3. Cell phones are a distraction.
They can impair work, studying and any kind of constructive exercise that one should otherwise engage in. Cell phones can distract drivers on the road can have been the root cause of numerous accidents till date.