7 Pros and Cons of Internet Censorship


Ever since the various adverse fallouts of online content have become obvious, many people have called for internet censorship. There are many who are against any kind of regulation of online content, but there are perhaps just as many people, mostly parents, who would want some kind of internet censorship. Censorship has earned a bad name but there is a contrarian argument that is just as reasonable.

Pros of Internet Censorship

1. Protects Minors
One of the most convincing reasoning in favor of internet censorship is protecting minors, especially kids who are yet to develop an astute understanding of what is right and wrong. Internet brings home the entire world of pornography, violent content and various kinds of explicit content that should be confined to adults and even then sparingly. There have been many cases where kids have been victims of online scams, sex trafficking and horde of other vices. Regulating the internet, banning sites that are unsafe or have vicious intentions and keeping the kids and many adults safe is a sufficient reason to initiate internet censorship.

2. Parents Can Monitor Their Children
Many critics of internet censorship highlight that it would compromise the freedom of expression and that parents can monitor their kids’ online activity or what they access. However, it is impractical to expect parents to be available all the time in this age. Also, freedom of expression is not an absolute freedom. It should have reasonable limits. Just as hate mongering is not an extension of freedom of speech, perpetuating or propagating just about anything online cannot be allowed either.

3. Empowers Law Enforcement and Security
The internet is a thriving ground for criminal activities of myriad kinds. From financial thefts to smuggling, piracy to organized crime, the internet has certainly facilitated crime in more ways than imagined. Internet censorship should empower the law enforcement and security agencies to curb the menaces.

4. Ensures the Safety and Security of Citizens
Internet censorship will help in ensuring the safety and security of citizens in many ways. With threats like the IS spreading their tentacles through the galactic network, the case in favor of internet censorship has become stronger.

Cons of Internet Censorship

1. Curbs the Freedom of Expression
It may also lead to curbing or suppressing the truth.

2. Gives Power to Government to Decide
Internet censorship can become a tool for governments to decide what people must access, read and do online, according to the whims and fancies of the people in power.

3. Detrimental to the Economy
Internet censorship is detrimental to the economy as many businesses will struggle to cope with the repetitive and consistent checks and balances. The cost of enforcing internet censorship will also deplete the state and federal coffers.