How to Add Airtime to Net10 Android


Net10 is known as a cellular phone service that is offered in its prepaid service. This service allows you to add minutes with your airtime needs and anytime that you need, you just have to purchase the prepaid card from the website of the company or from 3rd party resellers. Most of these prepaid cards are sold in gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores and allows anyone to load up their balances whenever they need it. This is sure to give you the ease of dealing with your needs and make sure that your number will always be active.

Though the process may seem to be easy with your Net10 phone, but there are particular things that you should take note, especially when you are trying to add up airtime balance on your Android phone. There are certain things that you should consider doing when you are trying to add the airtime balance for your Android phone, and as you learn to get the needed instructions, you can be sure that you will have an easy time getting the needed balance that you want.

Steps to Adding Airtime

If you are one of those people who are just starting to use Net10 phone services and are asking about how to add airtime to Net10 Android, then the following are some of the steps that you can do:

1. Since the process for Android device is different from other phones, users can only have their handsets loaded with added airtime balance only through the website of Net10. You just have to contact the customer care and add the airtime balance that you need there.

2. If your Android phone is equipped with a prepaid menu, select the prepaid option and then select the option for “Buy Airtime.”

3. After this, select the number of minutes that you want and confirm this afterwards.

4. During the confirmation period, your phone may require you to enter the 4-digit security pin. When you encounter this part, enter the pin provided in the website.

5. After all confirmations are done, the airtime balance will then be added on your Android phone in a while.

6. You can pay for the service via credit card, making it convenient for you to get the airtime balance that you need without worrying about how to pay it afterwards.

When you encounter any problems in regards with the process, feel free to contact any technical support specialist and be able to get the help that you need in regards with your Android phone. Take note that unlike the usual Net10 phone, your Android device is not capable of having its airtime balance loaded through prepaid cards.

Furthermore, there are also other services from Net10 that is not available for all Android users. It is necessary that people using the Android service will check the process on how they can get the airtime balance that they want directly from the representatives of Net10. This is to make sure that they can continue using the services and never have to change their numbers repeatedly and also their airtime balance left.